The global paper straw market is set to witness significant gains over the forecast period owing to the initiatives taken to minimize the environmental impact of plastic waste. Sustainability targets to meet environment-friendly goals set by the governments across all the countries and are expected to propel the growth of the paper straw industry globally.

The food & beverage industry growth and develop rapidly in the past decade, with the increase in several restaurants, hotels, food wagons, catering services, and food stalls serving millions of customers. This has led to an increase in the use of paper straws globally. Advancements in technology have led to the emergence of online food delivery platforms, which are aiding the paper straw market to grow tremendously.

Ban on plastic products in many countries across the globe owing to their non-degradable properties is a major market driver. Food delivery platforms are positively impacting the demand for paper straws. Consumer perception toward the preference of the printed paper straws has increased and has boosted the growth of the industry.

Paper straw manufacturing is quite expensive as compared to plastic or latex straws due to its complex processes such as cutting trees and production of pulp and paper, which is then molded to manufacture straws of desired size, shape, and color. Paper straws are biodegradable and get completely dissolved in a liquid within three days. However, in the market most of the variants of paper straws tend to lose 70% to 90% of their compressive strength with exposure to a liquid for less than 30 minutes, which creates difficulty for consumers while using them. These straws are also capable of absorbing 30% of the liquid in which they are being used within 30 minutes, which is another factor restraining the market growth.

While Bitbitbear straws, 100% biodegradable & compostable, are designed to stand strong in all kinds of beverages, hot and cold, carbonated and non-carbonated, without getting soggy or unraveling like other kinds of paper straws.

Bitbitbear straw catalog based on material type, product type, straw length, straw diameter, end-use application, and region.

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